OLIO comerccenter

OLIO comerccenter

.Technical solutions development


Our experts can develop for you individual equipment (for example UPS systems) complectation and other technical solutions, as well as consult you about different questions concerning this equipment (e.g. various models, their construction, price, delivery terms, standards and other technical normatives, etc.).

On clients request we carry out audits in existing objects (i.e. buildings and other structures) and we offer solutions for expanding and upgrading existing systems or individual devices.


Equipment selling

We offer our costumers a variety of electrical equipment manufactured by several well known world class companies (see our partners):

Guaranteed power supply complex
Diesel generating sets
Feeder commutator


Lightning and surge protection systems

DC systems (direct-current)
Accumulator systems



Our qualified and certified workers install diesel generating sets, UPS, lightning and surge protection as well as DC (direct-current) systems. Also they perform the first start up of the equipment (e.g. for diesel generating sets).



Our qualified and certified specialists perform maintenance and repairs (if needed).
By signing a maintenance contract, 24 h (7 days a week) service is provided.